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Saint Agur Cheese - Average Weight 5 Lbs.

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St. Agur (pronounced Sant ah-GOOR), easily recognizable by its octagonal shape, is made from pasteurized cow's milk in the village of Monts du Velay. It entices you with its naked butteriness and delicate sharpness. It contains 60% butter cream, thus qualifying it also as a double-cream cheese. In other words, every bite is sinful. Mild in flavor and not too salty in comparison to other blues, St. Agur appeals to many palates. Due to its creaminess, it melts and spreads easily. Put a thin slice in your salad or burger or spread it on fresh baguette. It also melts quickly in sauces. Serve with Chardonnay, Syrah, Port, or Vouvray Moelleux.

Saint Agur was born in the volcanic region of Mont de Valey in 1988 (created by the Savencia group), and is expertly crafted in the traditional methods of the region. It is produced in the Beauzac factory, which has built its experience, know-how and reputation throughout its history. Made from rich cow's milk, St Agur offers an alliance between a rich, blue cheese flavor and a creamy, smooth texture. It not only promises the pleasures of a strong cheese, but it also melts away in the mouth. Not as salty as more traditional blue cheese, its tangy and creamy nature is well-balanced. Each day, 132,000 gallons of milk are collected from a select group of farmers for its production. 4-5 gallons of milk are needed to make a St. Agur cheese, weighing in general 4-5 lbs. St. Agur is very rich in calcium, protein, and minerals. Delivered in octagonal cylinders, and without a rind, it's it easy to cut into wedges. It is a refined treat that's sure to please anyone. No wonder that it received the Bronze medal in the Concour General Agricole (General Agricultural Contest) in 2000 and was also elected "the Flavor of the year" both in 2000 and 2001.
Saint Agur is developed based on a traditional method of French blue veined cheese. Following pasteurisation, the milk is heated to 90°F, sowed with starter cultures and rennet in order to acquire the curdling. As soon as it achieves the desired consistency, the curd is drained off, broken up and put into its octagonal mould. Crumbling plays an essential role for a successful inoculation of the penicillium in the curd's structure. These are in effect the spores from this microscopic mushroom, which, by developing themselves, will produce the internal moulds, so characteristic of blue cheeses. Saint Agur is sowed with the penicillium roqueforti. Next, the fresh cheese is removed from the mould, then salted with coarse salt by hand, gradually for 6 days. Placed on a rack, the cheese is taken to the drying shed, a very humid maturing premise, maintained at a constant temperature ranging between 50 and 54°F. During maturing, the cheese is "pierced" at least three times in order to ensure the development of the blue color at the centre of the cheese. The maturing of Saint Agur lasts for approximately 80 days. At the end of this period, the cheese is packaged in aluminum paper, which preserves all its qualities, and allows for a "slow maturing" during the whole journey from the cheese dairy to your table.