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Our Cheese of the Month Club® offers:

· Artesian Cheeses hand made by Cheese Masters.

· 3 Unique Cheeses every month.

· Average Total Weight of cheese per shipment 1.5 Lbs.

· Free Home delivery.

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Our Cheese of the Month Club® selections are also available in whole wheels and blocks. Bocconcini; Buffalo mozzarella; Burrata; Caciotta; Chhena; Domiati; Kesong puti; Khoa; Mozzarella; Nguri; Stracciatella di bufala; Sbrinz; Berner Hobelkäse; Berner Alpkäse; Emmentaler; Gruyère/Greyerzer; L'Etivaz; Schabziger; Appenzeller; Bündner Bergkäse; Mutschli; Raclette; Scharfe Maxx; Tête de Moine; Vacherin Fribourgeois; Formaggini; Vacherin Mont d'Or; Gala; Bleuchâtel; Büsciun da cavra; Tomme Vaudoise; lavAzza di fromago; Applewood cheese; Ashdown Foresters; Beacon Fell Traditional Lancashire Cheese; Beenleigh Blue cheese; Blue Stilton; Bowland cheese; Brighton Blue; Buxton Blue; Cheddar; Cheshire; Chevington; Coquetdale; Cornish Yarg; Croglin; Derby cheese; Sage Derby, Smoked Lincolnshire Poacher cheese; Dorset Blue Vinney; Dorset Drum; Dovedale cheese; Duddleswell cheese; Fine Fettle Yorkshire; Gloucester; Harbourne Blue; Lancashire; Lincolnshire Poacher cheese; Little Derby; Lymeswold cheese; Marble cheese; Newport 1665; Norbury Blue; Parlick Fell cheese; Red Leicester; Red Windsor; Sage Derby; Shropshire Blue; Shropshire Blue; Stichelton; Blue Stilton; White Stilton; Stinking Bishop; Suffolk Gold; Sussex Slipcote; Swaledale; Waterloo cheese; Wensleydale; Wrekin White Cheese; Central Coast Creamery; Dreamweaver; Central Coast Creamery Ewenique; Central Coast Creamery Goat Gouda; Central Coast Creamery Holey Cow; Central Coast Creamery Seascape; Chavrie; Consider Bardwell Danby; Consider Bardwell Manchester; Consider Bardwell Pawlet; Consider Bardwell Rupert; Creamery 333 Tricycle; Creme de Brie Plain; Cypress Grove Bermuda Triangle; Cypress Grove Herbs de Humboldt; Cypress Grove Humboldt Fog Grande; Cypress Grove Humboldt Fog Mini; Cypress Grove Lamb Chopper; Cypress Grove Midnight Moon; Cypress Grove Psychedillic; Cypress Grove Purple Haze Disks; Cypress Grove Sgt. Pepper; Cypress Grove Truffle Tremor; di Stefano Bocconcini; di Stefano Burrata; di Stefano Bulk Ovoline Mozzarella; di Stefano Bulk Ciliegine Mozzarella; di Stefano Ciliegine; di Stefano Mozzarella; di Stefano Ricotta Retail; di Stefano Straciatella; di Stefano Whole Milk Ricotta; Farm Girl Fromage Blanc; Fiscalini Hopscotch; Fiscalini Lionza; Fiscalini San Joaquin Gold; Mine Shaft Blue Wheel; Mont. Chevre Cabrie; Mont. Chevre Crottin Plain; Mont. Chevre Crottin Garlic & Herbs; Mont. Chevre Crottin 4 Peppers; Mont. Chevre Coeur de Chevre Bouche Fleurie; Mont. Chevre Coeur de Chevre Garlic & Herb; Mont. Chevre Coeur de Chevre Plain; Mont. Chevre Goat Cheddar; Mont. Chevre Goat Cheddar; Mont. Chevre Goat Cheese Bulk; Mont. Chevre Goat Cheese Crumbles; Mont. Chevre Goat Cheese Crumbles Bulk; Mont. Chevre Goat Feta; Mont. Chevre Goat Feta Crumbles; Mont. Chevre Goat Log Plain; Mont. Chevre Goat Medallions Bag; Mont. Chevre Goat Mini Log with Cranberry Cinnamon; Mont. Chevre Mini Goat Log with Garlic & Herbs; Mont. Chevre Goat Mini Log with Honey; Mont. Chevre Mini Goat Log with Jalapeno; Mont. Chevre Goat Mini Log with Lemon Zest; Mont. Chevre Goat Mini Log Plain; Mont. Chevre Mini Goat Log with Sundried Tomato Basil; Mont. Chevre Mini Goat Log with Truffle; Mont. Chevre Goat Rondin White; Mont. Chevre Mini Cabrie; Point Reyes Bay Blue; Point Reyes Blue Cheese; Point Reyes Blue Cheese Broken Pieces; Point Reyes Toma; Reserve Cheddar 12 Year; Rogue Oregon Blue; Rogue Oregonzola; Rogue Smokey Blue; Vermont Creamery Creme Fraich Bulk; Vermont Creamery Creme Fraiche; Vermont Creamery Fromage Blanc, Fiscalini Bandage Cheddar; Cabra Al Romero, Campo De Montealban, Drunken Goat, Idiazabal Smoked, Garrotxa, Iberico Three Milk, La Gruta Manchego 6 Month, Mahon Semicurado D.O., Manchego D.O. El Trigal 6 Month, Manchego "el Trigal", Naked Goat D.O., Queso Tres Leches La Gruta del Sol, Romao, Tetilla, Valdeon, Zamorano, Cabrales D.O., Cala Blanc, Caprichio de Cabra, Caprichio de Cabra fine Herbs, Castellot, Drunken Goat Mini D.O.P., El Gran Pep, Gotes Catalanes In Oil, Gotes Catalanes In Oil Retail, Ibores, La Leyenda with Brandy, Leonora, Madurat, Malvarosa, Miti Cana De Cabra, Miti Cana De Oveja, Monte Enebro, Montealva Joven, Neu del Cadi, Nevat, Ombra, Oriol De Montbru', Ovelha Patacabra, Pimentino with Paprika, Puigpedrós, Queso Gallego, Roncal, San Simon, Sant Mateu Cheese, Urgelia, Vare;